how to be a healthy person

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A healthy lifestyle entails many decisions. Among them, the choice of a diet or a balanced eating plan. So, how do you choose a healthy eating plan?

how to be a healthy person?

1.  Eat more vegetables and fruits. These foods are what will provide us with a large part of the vitamins, minerals and fiber, fundamental nutrients for the normal development of the organism. 


2.  Stop smoking. Neither little nor much, tobacco is harmful to the arteries. In addition, it wrinkles the skin, stains teeth and can increase the risk of cancer.

comment:We are human, we should not smoke because they make our lungs go out of breath and last as long as they have to last, because they can give us some type of cancer in the body.-montserrat perez


3.  Drink water. 65 percent of the body is water, so it is advisable to increase your consumption.


Adequate water intake is essential for the kidneys to function well, helping them to eliminate waste and unnecessary nutrients through the urine. It also improves the digestive tract since water is necessary in the dissolution of nutrients so that these can be absorbed by the blood and transported to the cells. Water is a great ally for the skin helping to maintain elasticity.- sebastian 

Adequate hydration is important for the proper functioning of the brain. When we are properly hydrated, brain cells receive oxygenated blood and the brain stays alert. Water also acts as a lubricant for the muscles and joints: it helps protect joints and muscles work properly.-joan rojas.


4.  Physical exercise is paramount. The physical conditioning is convenient, beyond its benefits, for its contribution to the integral formation of the person and the development of tranquility.

coments:The physical exercise, either short or long term, contributes to establish a mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the person, the memory, speed of ideas, etcetera, and promoting sensations such as optimism or euphoria, while improving the self-esteem of people, which produces benefits in different diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetic crises.-marco zapata

Exercise prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy and can help reduce stress. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce appetite.-nacho honorato



5.  Decrease the consumption of sugar.

  coment:   decreasing the consumption of sugar favors our body as our metabolism accelerates, our teeth decay less because sugar causes us to decay. Also if you are on a diet and do not eat sugar that will make you lose weight faster.-montserrat perez    


6.  Rest well. Forget about stress. Organizing time is essential to take advantage of it, find more personal time, and fundamentally, sleep at least eight hours. The body will thank you. 


sleep helps lose weight because lack of sleep causes adipocytes to release less leptin, the appetite suppressor hormone. Insomnia also causes the stomach to release more ghrelin. Both actions cause that little sleep is associated with obesity. Makes you healthier our immune system uses sleep time to regenerate itself, which allows it to fight effectively against the toxins and germs that continually threaten us. With a weak immune system we have much less chance of successfully overcoming infections.-jerry vasquez

When we sleep, the body relaxes and that facilitates the production of melanin and serotonin. These hormones counteract the effects of stress hormones and help us to be happier and emotionally stronger. Lack of sleep causes, on the contrary, an increased and sustained release of stress hormones.-sebastian 


Building habits that are beneficial for your physical and mental health will allow you to fully enjoy life.


For me, taking care of my health is very important because if I do not take care of myself, I can have serious illnesses, like diabetes.because my mom when she was my age gave her diabetes and she was about to the doctors say that I could have offspring of diabetes.- Jerry vasquez

Taking care of your health is important because our country is full of fatty and sugary foods that can damage our health.the truth I would not like to have obesity because I would not be happy being a fat person.My goal this year is to be a healthy and fit person.-Montserrat Perez

I am a sporty person with high sports performance I follow a balanced diet, because if I do not like it, I may faint in the I recommend all people eat healthy food and try not to eat junk food.- Nacho Honorato.

What is the importance of good nutrition?

The foods you eat contain different types of nutrients, which are necessary for many vital processes in your body.The most important nutrients in your diet include the following:
Carbohydrates: these give you energy.
Proteins: these are another source of energy and are essential for the growth and restoration of all tissues in your body.
Fats: they are a very concentrated source of energy and also perform other functions, which include helping to transport essential vitamins throughout your body.
Vitamins and minerals: there are many different vitamins and minerals, which are all important to keep your body healthy and functioning.-joan rojas.


Good nutrition is very important because to be able to do some kind of exercise you must have a balanced diet, because you can lose vitamins and proteins if you do not eat properly. Also because if you want to have a strong and flashy body you have to make a special diet.-nacho honorato

Making changes is good?

It is important to make gradual changes to your eating habits.Do not try to make drastic changes from one day to the next or fall into the trap of making common mistakes when dieting.Small daily changes will have a greater and more lasting effect.
If you have trouble making changes in your diet or are worried that you are not getting all the nutrients you need, talk to a doctor.He or she can give you some practical advice or refer you to a nutritionist who can give you more help.-sebastian


for me the drastic changes are not so good because you have to fit gradually. For example if you go to diet you have to know that it is something that will improve your health, not to lose weight fast and then eat junk food, since we can raise twice what you weighed before.-marco zapata


In recent years, the influence of nutrition on the health of individuals, groups and entire countries has been recognized.It is known that good health is not achieved only through food, it also depends on hereditary factors, the environment, the medical care that the person receives and the lifestyle.Lifestyle is very important for health: how much exercise practices, if you smoke, if you drink alcohol excessively or abuse coffee, you drug.- Marco zapata